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Arke Fly


Arke Fly is an interesting expression or name that leaves one wondering where it comes from and what it means or as to whether it has any meaning at all

So where do we start with finding out? Well we did and soon found that Arke is the old (or should I say olde) form of English for Ark such as we see below

Ark in Storm

The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

Now why did I suddenly get interested in Arke Fly, well I found out that those two words were the most searched for in relation to the word Arke.
Of course I am interseted in the word Arke because we have Arke Promotions, Arke Ministries and Arkebiz this website.

Yes I did name those websites using the old form of English for Arke, but it also has another hidden fact in that the 'e'  stands for electronic (or electronic media) now associated with the internet.

So how on earth did the word Fly get in there that people so want to click onto? With  more reseach I came upon that reason in that Arkefly is a Dutch airline
which has destinations all over the place around Europe seen below.

For those who are looking for the airline their link is below

                      1.     Arkefly Destinations

Arkefly Destinations - from WN Network. ... places the words in the Dutch order (Luchthaven Schiphol) instead of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. ... - Cached
(Google entry)

Therefore I have faithfully shown them above, but as for  their Arkefly it is just one word as a name Arkfly.

The Purpose of Arke in our names
Arke Promotions, Arke Ministries and Arkebiz.

There is a purpose of the use of Arke in our name in that God had Noah prepare an ark (arke) for the salvation of a few in the great flood that He put on the earth and in a sense Noah had to fly or flee to that ark (arke) to be saved from destuction.

Today we are to fly to Jesus for salvation from the soon future final judgment of God that is to come.

Then like airlines have destinations those that believe have a destination Heaven where we are to fly to.

So Arke Fly does have a meaning here in that we need to fly to the arke Jesus for salvation so that we get to the best destination ever.